Located in Karongi District - Western Province (near Lake Kivu), the Museum of Environment was fully constructed by the government of Rwanda, from November 2010 to April 2013 and it was officially inaugurated on July 16th , 2015.

This Museum is an educational aid for the extension of knowledge in relation to prevention and protection of the environmental and climate change, which causes catastrophes including the disappearance of certain plants and animals species, constituting a threat to humanity, hence a challenge to the world.

The main objective of the museum of environment is to educate the public on how to keep good constructive relationship with their natural environment and to let them understand their responsibility in safeguarding the environment to ensure an integrated and durable development. The museum will house several environmental related exhibitions, but it commenced with various sources of energy including renewable and non-renewable as well as traditional medicinal plants.  

As the world environment is changing so fast, this museum will alternate in the near future on exhibition topics including habitat, climate change,energy and pollution. These exhibitions will be subject to periodical updating in collaboration with National and International partners as well as other interested agencies.

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