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    Posted:10.10.2016 16:43

    In fulfillment of the visionTo provide museums and heritage sites around the country with a platform for educating and exposing Rwandan Cultural and Natural richness”, and with the aim of taking culture to our future generations, Rwanda Museums initiated an Outreach program which has since its birth had a great impact on the young generation from time to time. This program has seen many youngsters in various schools discover and cherish their heritage, and the journey continues.

    From September 13th to September 21st 2016, Rwanda Museums visited University of Rwanda – Huye Campus students to teach them about Rwanda’s unique culture/heritage.  

    Students had an opportunity to touch, see and feel their culture/heritage because everything was displayed. They tried on various traditional attire, played traditional games including igisoro game board as well as danced to beautiful traditional songs.

    Rwanda Museums booth was flooded with students every minute, and every day brought in new students who were so curious to see, touch and have a real feeling of the most interesting traditional items which some of them have hardly seen or heard since they were born. They learnt a lot about a typical Rwandan traditional home setup, a concept which they all longed to have seen live. “I wish I was born in the 15th century,” exclaimed one of the fascinated students.

    In almost seven days that Rwanda Museums staff spent at UR - Huye Campus, students were given opportunity to have hands - on experience in traditional activities including beading, knitting as well as weaving. This inspired them to always come to Museums to learn a lot more. Most of them registered to be part of the Museum cultural troupe urugangazi for traditional dancing as well as traditional art craft lessons. They were determined to learn a lot in the course of the week, but were obviously limited by time.

    On the closing day which was the official closing of their induction week, various Government officials including the UR-Huye campus officials, Southern Province Governor and other officials visited the booth and were amazed at how some students had already gained skills in weaving, beading, knitting and other traditional art. Students were very proud to showcase live skills gained in the shortest time possible and swore to proceed their lessons at Museum branches whenever they get an off from their routine timetable.

    The closing ceremony comprised of milk serving to children, a custom that has for many centuries been held so valuable in the Rwandan culture.

    UR – Huye campus principle commended Rwanda Museums for this great initiative and pledged allegiance in upholding the virtue of providing cultural cognition to the young generation in order to holdfast the legacy of our Rwandan fore fathers.

    As an Institute we aim at reaching out to as many youngsters as possible in order to teach/show them the right path to keeping our country strong because they are tomorrow’s country leaders, a great nation is built on a strong culture.




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