Hon. Ruth and Director General Mr. Metz in visit at Rwanda Museums

On Wednesday 22nd October 2014, Rwanda Museums were honored to be visited by two important personalities: Honorable Ruth Ratter; a Member of Rhineland Palatinate Parliament and Mr. Thomas Metz, Director General of German Museums.

Fig.1:The Rwanda Museums Director General welcomes Guests and also explains to them the history before they begin the tour.

The visit started at the King’s Palace Museum where they were welcomed by the Museums’ Director General Alphonse B. Umuliisa with some members of staff who took the guests through a guided tour explaining the history of Monarchs in the ancient Rwanda.

Fig.2:The bonding moment with the Inyambo.

The visit at King’s Palace Museum was winded up by paying tribute to King Mutara III Rudahigwa and his Queen Gicanda Rosalie at the mausoleum ; Mwima Hill.

Fig.3:Guests pay homage to King Mutara III Rudahigwa.

They proceeded to the Ethnographic Museum located in Huye where they were amazed by the life early Rwandans lived. They appreciated the Museums Top Management for having properly preserved Rwandan Culture where the current generation can refer themselves.

Fig.4:Arriving at the Ethnographic Museum,Guests are welcomed by the Museum Staff.

They asserted that they have a number of projects that they would want to work on with Rwanda Museums in order to promote Heritage and Culture Tourism in Rwanda, and that with tremendous development they witnessed at the Museums, they had no doubt these projects will be perfectly managed and completed. 

Fig.5:From inside the Museum, Guests proceed to tour the traditional Training Center.

The Museums' Director General in his concluding remarks expressed his gratitude to the guests for their good intentions and also pledged to work collaboratively with them to make sure the two parties have achieved their goal.