Live reptiles’ exhibition opened on 31/10/2013












The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda launched a new live Reptiles exhibition.This took place on 31st/October/2013 in the “Natural History Museum” one of the six museums we have in the country

Rwandan Museums serve the purpose of both entertaining and educating both Rwandan and International visitors of all ages on Rwandan history, cultural and natural heritage. The content in the Natural History Museum includes all animals and reptiles found in Rwanda. Basically the new live exhibition dealt with exhibiting snakes, lizards and chameleons.


 Snake is going to eat rat



As the plan of the zoo is in the pipeline; the museums of Rwanda will introduce other animal species in the Natural History Museum and this will help many people who cannot reach the National Park, especially young children. Now we believe that everyone can enjoy what the Natural History Museum of Rwanda has to offer.


Rats(food of Reptiles)


 Guests at Natural History Museum on the live reptiles' launch.