Hon. Amb. Minister of Sports and Culture's visit at the Museum of Environment and Natural History Museum

Fig.1:The Director General of the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda welcoming the  Hon' Minister and other guests.

Hon' Amb' Joseph Habineza, Minister of Sports and Culture on 15th September 2014 visited the Museum of Environment located in Karongi District. On his arrival, Hon' Amb' was welcomed by Ruganzu the District dance  troupe with an outstanding performance depicting some historical figures like King Ruganzu and historical sites that are found in different parts of Karongi District and beyond. The dance was followed by welcoming remarks by the Director General of the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda, Mr. Alphonse B. Umuliisa  to the  Hon' Minister, the invited guests and the INMR staffs.

The tour commenced with a power point presentation by the Museums' Director of Research and Publication Unit, giving an overview of the exhibition content i.e different energy sources produced in Rwanda and the rest of the world, the role played by energy in the changing environment and its impact; which will soon be displayed in the two proposed galleries. After the presentation, the Hon'  Minister together with the other team of visitors were guided through the two galleries, the proposed offices up to the roof gardens on the second floor where we find yet another section of exhibited traditional medicinal plants.

The Minister expressed his happiness about this section, emphasizing sensitization on how people should use these medicinal plants in order to bring out the practicality of the knowledge that would be imparted on them.

Fig.2: The Hon'  Minister together with the other team of visitors are guided through the traditional medicinal plants exhibition.

After visiting this exhibition he proceeded together with the other team to the conference room where he briefly had his remarks. In his speech, he expressed his commitment to developing the museums working together with Minispoc. He also stated that he together with the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda will make sure that the Museum of Environment is launched as soon as possible so that people can get access to the incomparable knowledge that awaits them. He further emphasized on customer care service delivery.

The Minister also visited the waste recycling plant which is just below the second gallery and he was so happy about it. The waste from the toilets is recycled  from this plant and later used for irrigating the gardens which leaves them with a fresh look. This recycling plant is also important in protecting the environment since the waste is preserved and re- used in the same toilets instead of letting it flow.

The visit was climaxed with the boat ride where the Hon. Minister, the Director General, Mayor of Karongi District, other invited guests and INMR staff, visited some historical sites that surround Lake Kivu among which include the famous Musaho Bay in Kagugu village- Mushubati sector- Rutsiro District, where it is believed the German troops deliberately drowned their war ship while they were retreating from the World War 1.

Fig.3:The Hon. Minister with Karongi District Mayor listen to one of residents at Musaho Bay giving them a brief history about the war ship.

The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda plans to retrieve this war ship so it can be exhibited because  it entails an incredible history about the WW 1 on Rwandan soil.

Fig.4: The Hon'Minister, the Director General and thr other team having tour at Musaho Bay.

The objects will be added at the Natural History Museum commonly known as Kandt House, as part of the country’s underwater cultural history.

On the following day 16th,September 2014, at exactly 10.00am, Hon. Minister of Sports and Culture had a glamorous and cheerful warm welcome at the Natural History Museum by Dr Ivan Twagirashema the Chairman of INMR Board, other Board members including Mrs Rica Rwingamba, Mrs Carole Karemera and the Institute's Director General Mr Alphonse B. Umuliisa together with museums staff.

After the welcome remarks, the guided tour commenced where by  the Minister together with the  Chairman of INMR board, the board members and the Museum staff went through the History and the exhibitions in the museum with an outstanding live - reptile exhibition.

Fig.5:The hon'Minister of Sports and Culture,Board of Directors, and Director General at Natural History Museum.

Cheerfully, the Minister, applauded the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda for the untiring efforts they put in preserving the history and revealing the untold stories for present and future generations to feed on. 

He further encouraged the management of the Institute as well as Board of Directors to have more creative and innovative ways of attracting both national and international visitors to come and see, touch and feel Rwandan cultural and natural heritage. He emphasized that the Ministry and INMR will do all it takes to make Rwandans be at the right cross of History.

The Hon' Minister also called upon the general public to always fix time and pay tribute to Rwanda's past. This is how civilized Rwandans ought to be in the near future.

It was a moment worth spending; and the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda prides itself in working closely with Hon. Amb Joseph Habineza.