Museums Outreach program at Riviera High School.

Fig.1:Riviera students excitedly read through the book that talks about Rwandan culture.

The program dubbed “Museums in schools” initiated by Museums of Rwanda, aims at educating, preserving and promoting the Rwandan culture from the bottom up, that is, from the grass root level, by implementing and conserving the Rwandan culture among youth. Our major concern is to cultivate a sense of belonging and identity through our young generation and help develop student’s understanding of our culture and Museums in Rwanda.

Through various Museum activities, students are well equipped with hands on experiences about the history of Rwanda and its people, and in so doing, Rwanda will have a young generation that cherishes, conserves, promotes their heritage.

On 25th September 2014, Museums outreach team was at Riviera High School. With joy and vibrancy, students were very interested and keen in knowing more about Rwandan culture the role of Rwanda Museums. During this visit students took part in the discussion and asked questions on Museums activities and cultural values in general.

Riviera High School is one, among many schools, that collaborate a lot with Rwanda Museums. Students from this school work as volunteers in the organization and preparation of some museums’ activities for example “Holidays in Museums Program” a program designed to cultivate cultural values in young generation between 10 and 15years old.

“Students have always told us how much they loved their Museums experiences and how it has changed their life, both in their academics and their careers” Faustin Nsengiyumva, Museums outreach officer recounts.

The youth of today are the future of tomorrow, while the museums are their link to their heritage, to educate them about cultural is like giving a growing tree firm and strong roots that will provide a secure future.

Fig.2:Riviera Students admire some of the Rwandan Cultural attire at the exhibition table.

Fig.3:The Director General of INMR-Mr.Alphonse B.UMULIISA has a great moment with the students.