Hon. Amb. Joseph Habineza visit at the Campaign against Genocide Museum.

On 24th September,2014, Honorable Minister of Sports and Culture, Amb. Joseph Habineza visited the Campaign against Genocide Museum located at Rwanda Parliament. The museum embraces eight galleries, each explaining the different phases of how Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) and other Rwandans struggled to liberate Rwanda amidst the un-imaginable situation they went through.

During the two hours tour, at the museum, Major Gerald Nyirimanzi,explained that, the museum showcases Rwanda's heroic struggle andsacrifice during the liberation and how they stopped the execution of the Tutsi during genocide.

The Minister was happy with the work done so far. The museum will be open soon to the public.

Fig.1:Major Gerald Nyirimanzi showcases the Museum Foundation Stone to the Hon.Minister Joseph HABINEZA.

Fig.2:Major Gerald NYRIMANZI continues to give an overview of how the Museum will look like once everything has been put in place.


Fig.3:From Right to Left, Hon.Minister Joseph HABINEZA, Major Gerald NYIRIMANZI, Museums' Director General Mr.UMULIISA B.Alphonse and behind the Minister, the Museums staff are taken back 20 years ago as they look at the triumphant Struggle Rwandans went through to be where they are now.

Fig.4:Another of the galleries that showcases the Rwanda Patriotic front (RPF) Soldiers' struggle to save fellow Rwandans.