Rwanda  Museums were on 6th November, 2014 privileged to host His Excellence the Governor of Delta State, Nigeria, Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan accompanied by his team and the Rwanda Minister of Sports and Culture Hon. Amb. Joseph Habineza. The visit began at the Natural History Museum also known as Kandt House located in Kigali where the guests had an opportunity to discover Rwanda's natural beauty and cultural heritage. As the guests toured through all the galleries, they were amazed by the natural beauty that Rwanda embraces. Each gallery tells a new story about Rwanda's rich heritage and this left H.E  Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan and his team with more anxiety  and admiration to discover a lot about Rwanda.

From the Natural History Museum, the guests proceeded to the Presidential Palace Museum where they had an opportunity of  gaining a deeper understanding of Rwandan government leadership trend from way back 1920s, GrĂ©goire Kayibanda's regime as well as President Juvenal Habyarimana and to the leadership today of rule of law.

H.E Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan was awed by the history preserved inside this Museum. He remarked that having witnessed the development Rwanda has reached after the dark times, he appeals to most African countries to  make Rwanda their role model in building peace, reconciliation and good governance.