Involving the community is the best way of promoting Cultural Tourism. Huye District Authorities in partnership with Rwanda Museums on Saturday the 13th /12/2014 launched what was dubbed “mountain sports,” a new campaign to encourage citizens to visit the country’s historical and cultural sites using sports. 

The exercise was launched with a mass public sport that involved hundreds of residents and officials, led by the Minister of Sports and Culture Hon' Amb' Joseph Habineza who walked for over two hours from the outskirts of Huye town up to the top of Nyagakecuru Mountain which served as a residence of the re known Nyagakecuru who was considered the most notorious woman of the time as well as feared by many kings. 

The mountain is one of the topographies that make Ibisi bya Huye, a chain of hills standing at 2,400 meters  of altitude stretching between Huye, Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru districts and the legend has it that Nyagakecuru lived at the top of this mountain around the 18th century.

Legends say that Nyagakecuru  ruled the area around Butare stretching up to Burundi and it is said that she was attacked by the king’s army trying to annex the area she ruled but she always managed to repel the attacks because she supposedly was protected by a large snake (or possibly many snakes) that inhabited around her home.

Among other attractions found at the mountain include Nyagakecuru’s purportedly home, a well known as the ‘Springs of Nyagakecuru’ where her cows allegedly drunk from and many more.

''The initiative seeks to help the community discover and cherish the many historical and cultural places around the country while at the same time exercising to be fit and healthy,'' Hon' Amb' asserted.

                                                                                                                                                                        In his concluding remarks, Hon' Amb' Joseph Habineza, encouraged residents to always exercise and take time off for sports to keep fit and healthy. According to him, the exercise was worth the time spent because people enriched their minds by discovering their heritage as well as their bodies by exercising.

He applauded the organizers including Rwanda Museums, for an event well organized, and the community for their enthusiastic participation and desire to discover their heritage.

He also advised Rwanda Museums to archaeologically prove Nyagakecuru story/legend in their research.