Rwanda and Rhineland-Palatinate’s treasures exhibited at Kandt House Museum.

“I am a cultural heir” is a thoughtful and educative exhibition organized by Rhineland- Palatinate in partnership with the Kandt House Museum as one of those sweet fruits germinated from the long and good existing relationship of “Jumelage” between Rwanda and the land of Rhineland- Palatinate.

Opened officially in the morning of 30th September 2018, by the Minister of Culture and Sports Mme Uwacu Julienne and the Minister President of Rhineland- Palatinate Malu Dreyer, the temporary exhibition will last the whole month to whoever is thirsty to explore more of both the countries’ history, their people and cultural heritage treasures. 

Starting with a thorough selection of cultural heritage treasures with pertinent significance to the people from Rwanda and Rhineland palatinate; this great exercise also incorporated a narrative describing the object, its origin and history and its utmost value in the society it represents.

The exhibition shows photos of the heritage objects in a modern atmosphere but with the focus that we people, living today, are sharing that cultural heritage and that our doing will become one day also cultural heritage for further generations. While visitors experience the importance and richness of our cultural heritage exhibited in the museum, the exhibition also enhance the importance for research and discovery of the past.

One of the most impressing treasures from the Rhineland- Palatinate include a model of a car from the Automobile firm Horch. “August Horch was born near Konlenz in 1868. He started his own company building cars in 1899. In 1909 he left the company and founded a new one, this time using the latin translation of his name – Audi. Horch, Audi and several others fused in 1969 to become Audi AG. A Horch BL Cabriolet built in 1936 was famously used by Charles de Gaulle….”

Rwanda could not miss to showcase the famous Igisoro along with other treasured objects namely Inkongoro - wooden milk jug, Agaseke - a small basket used to store valuable objects among others.

Through “I am a cultural heir”, we invite you to come visit and learn more about Rwanda and Rhineland Palatinate.