BEYOND DUTY - Some Diplomats acted against Governments’ instructions to rescue Jews

“Beyond Duty” is a temporary exhibition that pays tribute to righteous diplomats who rescued Jews in Holocaust during World War II.  It also gives inspiration to future generation as well as leaders through courage and resilience of both diplomats and survivors. This exhibition was organized by the Germany Embassy in Rwanda in collaboration with the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda from 12th March to 31st March 2018.

This exhibition showcased at Kandt House Museum located in Nyarugenge district was developed by the state of Israel through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It normally served during international Holocaust Remembrance Day. Until now, the State of Israel and Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center recognized thirty-six foreign diplomats as righteous among the Nations.

Some of those diplomats, acted against laws and instructions. They even risked their careers and lives. Days and nights, longer crowds were surrounding consular offices begging for help and it was difficult to take decisions about what to do.

Dr. Peter Woeste, Ambassador of Germany in Rwanda and Amb. Robert Masozera Director General of the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda highlighted the importance of displaying such exhibition including paying tribute to courageous people who saved lives of people. Amb. Robert Masozera compared the history of Israel with that of Rwanda as we had such people who risked their life to rescue those who were in danger during 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

The Holocaust was an unprecedented genocide perpetrated by Nazi Germany and its collaborators, with the aim of annihilating the Jewish people. Many thousands Jews owe their lives to those courageous and exceptional people who relentlessly helped by issuing passports, visas and protective documents which posed salvation for many.

By: Jean Paul Mugwaneza