The Institute of National Museums of Rwanda was on 14th October 2014 honored to host the Knesset delegation the (Israel Unicameral National Legislature) headed by Ronen Plot, Knesset's Director General.

The delegation toured the King’s Palace Museum and the Ethnographic Museum in Nyanza and Huye districts, respectively, to better understand the country’s culture and tradition.

Their visit commenced from the King's Palace Museum – Rukali  in Nyanza District where Mr. Alphonse B. Umuliisa, Museums' Director General, welcomed the delegation and expressed how it was of great honor to host a special group of people from a great nation like Israel.

He also briefly highlighted the back ground of the Museum in general and the Kings' lifestyle during the Pre-colonial era in Rwanda.

Guests were taken around the three sections of the museum: traditional palace, the traditional long horned cows “Inyambo” section and lastly, King Rudahigwa's modern palace as his last residence.

According to Knesset’s Director General, Ronen Plot, they had a remarkable experience especially with the Inyambo, having been astounded by how friendly they are.  “They behave like human beings” he asserted.

The Delegates later proceeded to the Ethnographic

Museum in Huye District, a museum that houses one of Africa's finest ethnographic collections. Its seven galleries display historical, ethnographic, artistic and archaeological artifacts accompanied by visual exhibits.

In general, the tour was a bonding moment between Rwanda and Israel. Mr. Ronen Plot, in his words, remarked that he had already identified a number of Museums back in Israel that would collaborate  with Rwandan Museums in a bid to promote cross-cultural understanding that would strengthen relations between the two nations.

Mr.Plot pledged to establish relationship between Rwanda’s museum body, the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR), and a number of museums in Israel. He said the relationship will help foster cooperation and promote cultural exchange between the two countries. He  promised to organize an exhibition of Rwanda’s cultural items and artifacts in Israel.

“There are many museums in Israel but I have already thought about several museums that will be able to cooperate with this great museum..."asserted Mr. Ronen Plot.

The delegation was greatly amazed by the tour and to crown it all, the cultural dance by the Museums' dance troupe “Urugangazi” made them feel like staying in Rwanda forever. They loved the whole experience, and expressed their happiness by joining the dance troupe. It was such a remarkable moment the delegates and the Museums of Rwanda team had all together.  

Director General (INMR) together with the staff members present, pride themselves in having hosted such an amazing Delegation.