It was of great honor and joy for Rwanda Museums on Friday 31/10/2014 to host a huge number of Diplomats including Ambassadors of different countries to Rwanda, Consulars, Ministers - Hon  Amb Joseph Habineza of Sports and Culture, Hon Seraphine MukantabanaofDisaster Management and Refugee Affairs  and other government officials.

The diplomats headed by the Dean of Rwanda Diplomatic Corps H.E Richard T. Kabonero, began their visit at the King's Palace Museum located in Nyanza District and were welcomed by a cheerful dance troupe with fantastic traditional drum beats proceeded by the Museums Director General 's  invitation to the Minister of Sports and Culture who officially welcomed the guests and appreciated them for having spared their precious time to come and discover the treasure hidden in discovering Rwandan culture and heritage. He also mentioned how King Mutara 111 Rudahigwa was considered a hero due to his several brave decisions he took in resistance to the colonialists' ideologies.

The Director General later continued to describe the history of Kings in the ancient Rwanda particularly King  Mutara III Rudahigwa who occupied this palace before he passed away in 1959. The guests enjoyed every section of the Museum as they kept discovering new things contrary to what they knew before. They were particularly amazed by parading of the traditional long horned cows – 'Inyambo' which were then a symbol of respect to Rwanda's Kings as well as culture connotation.

This tour was concluded at King Rudahigwa's modern Palace where the guests had another opportunity to learn about the geographical history of Rwanda before and after it was partitioned  between colonial powers as well as the history of Rwanda's participation in WW1. 

The Guests later proceeded to the National Art Gallery Museum located at Rwesero still in Nyanza District. This house was initially meant to be the King's new palace but  be he passed away shortly before occupying it and later was turned into a museum that currently displays contemporary Rwandan artwork which testifies to the originality of Rwandan creativity while not overlooking either tradition or national history.

The guests were awed by not only the creative artwork exhibited but also the significant story each art piece entails. Speaking on behalf of the guests at the end of the visit, Amb. Jeanine Kambanda the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation applauded the Museums' Director General and his team for the warm welcome and work done in preserving Rwandan culture. She also appealed to everyone present  to make sure that what they learned from the tour should be brought to the knowledge of all Rwandans and even International visitors so that they can deeply understand and cherish Rwandan culture and heritage.