On Tuesday, 4th November 2014, Museums of Rwanda witnessed the launch of yet another temporary exhibition dubbed; “Women in Resistance” that took place at the ethnographic museum in Huye. The six days photo exhibition that will close on the 10th November 2014, highlights some of the images of women who campaigned , resisted and survived all the humiliations in trying to uplift the values that were suffered for a long time in history.

Piere-Yves Ginet , the photographer, excerpts some few photos from his on going work since 1998 as a fresh start into the promise he made brings to view the untold stories, encounters, and struggles that would benefit the equality of men and women.

He says in his descriptions that, “ women represent more than half of humanity but they are still today excluded from their country's economic, political, and social life.

The exhibition is a story witnessing women commitments, defiance, and protests at the forefront. It portrays not only the recognition of the struggles, contributions but also sacrifices  for dignity, democracy, equality, and justice.

Come one come all!!!