King’s Palace Museum ( Rukali/ Nyanza District)

The king’s Palace Museum is based in Nyanza District, Southern Province,88 km from Kigali City;King’s Mutara III Rudahigwa’s Palace offers a detailed look into the Rwandan monarchical system and its abolition in early 1960s due to colonialism. The palace was restored to its 19th Century state as a replica and was made entirely with traditional materials. Recently the Long horned royal cows "Inyambo"were introduced because cows form an integral part of the Rwanda Culture and were initially the King’s symbol of prestige. Visitors are always fascinated by the procession of these royal cows which are famous for their impressive long horns, height gentle nature and the traditional poems.

Along the traditional palasce is the 1931 modern palace where King Mutara Rudagigwa resided until he passed away in 1959. It now serves to display Rwandaa history from the 15th Century.

On the neigbouring hill of Mwima,One can also visit the mausoleum where King Mutara III, his wife Queen Rosalie Gicandaand King Kigeli IV Ndahindurwa were laid to rest.